Correspondent Juan Carlos Velez was speaking to the camera when a tourist accidentally fell off the bridge behind him and into the River Thames.

A report on the London terror attack that occurred on Saturday night (June 3) was brought to a sudden halt when a person fell off the bridge.

Juan Carlos Velez was in the middle of a live report from the bridge about last weekend’s horrific attack when police are seen rushing past.

The reporter is clearly shocked as he tells viewers: “We are watching police movement right now.

“It seems as if somebody has fallen into the water.”

He then moves closer to the action, accompanied by his cameraman, who pans the shot into the water trying to view the victim.

A floating buoy, used to rescue those stranded in the water, can be seen floating but no one can be seen in the footage.

Juan, who was reporting for Spanish news channel Antena 3, continues, saying: “Yeah, somebody has fallen into the water.”

Sirens can be heard in the distance as police officers nearby react quickly, while other tourists watch on.

Police can be seen running across the busy road, holding up traffic, to signal to an incoming boat that there is a person in the water who needs rescuing.

The reporter tells his viewers in the live broadcast how all bridges in the city have been reinforced with concrete fences in order to avoid more terror incidents as other emergency vehicles pull up.

The female victim was rescued by the RNLI after they were alerted by Thames Clipper crew.

The RNLI spokesman said: “At 9.20am on Monday 5 June the RNLI lifeboat, based at Tower Lifeboat Station was launched after reports of a woman in the water at Westminster Bridge.

“The crew of the E class boat were on the scene in two minutes and found a woman in the water who was conscious, but in some distress.

“She was rescued by the crew and taken in the lifeboat back to Tower Lifeboat Station, next to Waterloo Bridge.

“The woman, who was in her forties, was fully conscious and treated by paramedics at the lifeboat station before being taken to hospital.

“According to the crew who attended the scene had the lifeboat not arrived so rapidly it wouldn’t have been long before she would have disappeared under the water.”

Watch the video below