Paul Danan has been in the news quite a lot since he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. He first hit headlines on Monday when he clashed with former Apprentice contestant Karthik, who called him out for mispronouncing his name and suggested racism.

Now, he’s in the bad books again and fans are questioning whether he should be forcefully removed by bosses as he is slowly poisoning his relationship with each and every housemate, one at a time. [Scroll down for video]

Sarah Harding has become the latest celebrity to clash with the former Hollyoaks actor.

The former Girls Aloud singer – who found fame after appearing on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002 – has been struggling to bond with any of the other housemates, especially as there’s growing tension between herself and Paul ‘Dangerous’ Danan, as well as female compatriot, Jemma Lucy.

Amelia and Sarah. C5

Things got a little ugly as both Paul and Jemma began an expletive-laden rant, calling Sarah out for complaining, attention seeking and claiming she’s ‘fake’.

“Sarah chats shit, man. She’s so fake,” Jemma complained. “How many times can someone complain about a headache?”

Paul agreed: “It all comes from insecurity. She’s such an attention seeker.”

The bubbling tension within the camp proved true when Paul and other members of Big Brother’s private club chose Sarah to face Tuesday’s eviction – along with Chad Johnson, Karthik Nagesan, Trisha Paytas and Marissa Jade.

Paul. C5

Big Brother proved how nasty it can be as bosses showed the nomination conversation to Sarah and others in full gory detail, further adding to the singers dismay and growing dislike of her peers.

Paul stood out in suggesting Sarah for nomination, arguing: “She’s always talking about the negative. It’s never the positives.”

Brandi Glanville – an American TV personality and former model – also nominated Sarah, but for a very different reason: “I really like Sarah, a lot. I’m concerned for her well-being.”

Once she’d watched the clip, Sarah lost her cool and vented her feelings: “He’s a shit-stirring little twat,” a crying Sarah vented out in the living room after watching the nominations. “He’s a f**king prick. It’s all gone to his head.”


She also accused Paul of trying to “ruin [her] career” by insinuating that she’d had too much to drink the night before. Jemma Lucy quietly quipped behind Sarah’s back that she shouldn’t worry because “she doesn’t have a career” anymore.

Fans of the Girls Aloud star quickly jumped onto Twitter to back their idol with a series of hilarious shut downs aimed at Jemma Lucy.

Gabrielle fumed: “JEMMA LUCY saying SARAH HARDING doesn’t have a CAREER?! She has a Brit award, babe. That’s one more Brit award than you”

Liam added: “Sarah and her non existent career according to jemma. awkward!” – alongside a picture of the stars net worth in pounds.

Things are certainly hotting up in the Celebrity Big Brother house and as more time passes and more people exit, there could become a vicious poison in the camp. Alls we know is that it will great viewing for all.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 tonight at 9pm