This incredible, heartwarming Danish advert has gone viral this week and it’s easy to see why

The recently uploaded promotional video has been watched more than 3 million times, as it shows us we’re not so different after all

An English spoken, Danish TV advert has taken the internet by storm. The ad promotes a Danish TV station, but has gone global since it was uploaded onto YouTube.

The huge group can be seen coming together, with them segregating themselves into groups such as football fans, businessmen etc.

The voice-over for the advert explains:

“It’s easy to put people in boxes.

“There’s us and there’s them, the high earners and those just getting by.

“Those we trust and those we try to avoid.

“There are those we share something with and those we don’t share anything with.”

An announcer begins asking questions, which aims to bring people out of their boxes. He asks things such as: “Who in this room was the class clown?”. If the volunteers felt the label was appropriate them, they would leave the box and stand in the centre of the floor.

The advert shows how the groups become intertwined and those of different background become those of the same background.

The voiceover continues:

“Then suddenly there’s us.

“Maybe there’s more that brings us together than we think.”

Take a look at the utterly stunning video below and don’t be embarrassed if you shed a tear.