Index Catalogue | YouTube/Nostalgia Nerd
Index Catalogue | YouTube/Nostalgia Nerd

An Index Catalogue from the Mid-90’s has been found and it’s absolutely mind blowing to look at.

We all love looking at old photos and technology from our past and there’s no better way of feeling young again that digging out the old Catalogues, which are now propped up in the Attic or hidden away in a drawer somewhere labelled “To go to the Tip”.

We have stumbled upon an old Index Catalogue from 20 years ago and thought we’d share the best pages with you to reminisce of days gone by. YouTube user, Nostalgia Nerd has posted a video of himself reviewing the catalogues many pages. We’ve chosen the best and most exciting pages to share with the world.

9) Camerascameras

Before Digital Cameras, these incredible inventions were what we all took on holiday. Then the gamble with the film as to whether you’d actually photographed anything or just snapped your index finger covering the lens.

8) Cassette Playersindex-catalogue_-11

A group of teenagers in 2015 were asked to use a cassette player. They couldn’t How old does that make us feel? Come on, they weren’t THAT difficult. Discovering those B-sides was the best thing ever though.

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