When the Internet first became a ‘thing’ for the general public, there were many features that made using it a whole lot easier and other features that helped us to connect with our friends whether they be across the street or the other side of the world.

More than twenty years on, the Internet is now essential to everyday life in most parts of the world and without it, we’d likely go back to the stone age. But with the evolution of the Internet being so fast some of the original favourites failed to keep up and now seize to exist

Here we’re going to look at ten features of the Internet that were incredible popular during the early days, which we’ve since long forgotten about.

10) Dial-Up Internet – The noise!

We all remember the sound of dial-up Internet in all its glory.

The speed was awful and little did we know that the phone bill for 30 minutes internet-ing would be £50,000. Oops.

9) Battling for the Phone

Before Broadband freed up the phone line, Internet access required the landline to be unplugged and switched into the PC to get online.

Disturbing your mum or sister from their pointless conversations in exchange for speaking to your crush was well worth being grounded for a week.

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