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ITV News London

ITV News Thrown Into Chaos After Cat Invades Set

An ITV news broadcast suffered embarrassment on Saturday when Sammy the cat hid under Charlene White’s desk – tangling with important cables

Earlier in the day Charlene had tweeted: “We’ve got a cat live in the studio with me later… I’m not a huge cat fan. So this will be interesting. See you for @itvlondon NOW!”

Unfortunately for the 36-year-old presenter, whilst speaking live on air to a vet and a cat owner, about obesity among pets, things got a little out of hand.

Viewers creased as the cat went rogue and wandered across the desk as Charlene worked hard to keep her composure.

Giggling as Sammy the cat then hid under the desk in the green screen studio, Charlene exclaimed: “Oh, now Sammy’s coming to hang out with me, there will be more tips after the show, oh gosh, he’s now disappeared underneath the desk. I think I might have lost the cat somehow!”

The director cut from the studio to an alternate segment, whilst the ITV production team attempted to entice the cat out as ailurophobe Charlene waited to continue reading the news.

ITV News London
ITV News London

Looking for salvation on Twitter, Charlene posted a picture of the mayhem, desperately asking her 20,000 followers: “How many @itvlondon employees does it take to free Sammy the cat from underneath the news desk DURING THE LIVE PROGRAMME?”

The experienced journalist later posted a snap of the cat, once again caged, saying: “For all those asking, it took 6 of us, but we finally managed to free Sammy the Cat from underneath the @itvlondon desk. He’s safe & sound!”

Charlene posted a further update admitting: “I was worried it was gonna hurt himself!! There’s tonnes of wires under there.

“If there’s one thing I can guarantee will never happen is a cat on my lap. I don’t even go anywhere near my dad’s cat!

“It’s fair to say I’m not a cat person and it freaked me out a bit. So after all that palaver am I now a cat person? Err… no,” before one fan joked that you should never work with children or animals in the TV industry.

“For some reason our team keeps forgetting that old adage,” continued Charlene.

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