ITV Weather girl, Laura Tobin had a shock on Wednesday morning during a live broadcast when the bird she was holding took a number two in her hands.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was fronting the daily weather update when she decided to introduce viewers and hosts to her new little friend.

Welcomed on screen by stand-in hosts Eamonn Holmes and Kate Garraway, Laura was seen holding a little chick in preparation for Easter.

The adorable little bird was perched on Laura’s crossed hands, as she told viewers what to expect with the weather today.

But just when she thought she was safe, the bird became a little too relaxed and defecated all over her hands, causing Laura to loudly shriek.

Upon the bird unleashing a deadly pat, Laura screamed: [he’s] just pooed on me”, sending the crew in the studio and on location alike into hysterical laughter.

The chick casually sat on her hand, as she desperately used her free hand to wipe away the mess.

She eventually laughed it off and continued her weather broadcast, with one hand away from her and the other still carrying the chick.

Good Morning Britain returns Thursday at 6am on ITV 1