Jeremy Clarkson is one of the worlds most well-known TV Presenters. Alongside James May and Richard Hammond, the trio built a dynasty on the BBC and took Top Gear from a flaky car show to a worldwide blockbuster.

Nowadays the outspoken Yorkshireman can be found hosting Amazon SVOD show, The Grand Tour alongside fellow former-Top Gear hosts May and Hammond.

Many viewers will only know Clarkson from his 2002 onwards Top Gear days, but well before he flourished anchoring the show, he looked and sounded quite different. We’ve dug out a clip from Jeremy Clarkson’ very early days, when he had a huge mast of hair and a questionable accent. The clip is from 1991, just before ‘Old Top Gear’ was cancelled. It’s ACE!

Jeremy Clarkson is reviewing the 1991 model Ferrari 348 and opens the link in what has become his trademark manner.

He begins with an apology that the Bentley Continental isn’t available, but then alludes to the elephant in the room. “Somebody turned it into a banana shaped Bentley”, he explained.

“But you can take heart for two reasons. First ,you’re not as disappointed as I am and second we’ve got something just as special”. Clarkson then casually walks off camera, with the Ferrari now in full shot.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

The review plays out over several minutes, with Clarkson discussing reasons why to buy the car and why not to buy anything else. In a movie-like sequence, Clarkson then discusses WHY he’d prefer to have the Ferrari, with it impressing the guests at a party he’s to attend.

He then pulls up outside a bar, goes in and makes eye contact with a lady across the way. The girl looks completely uninterested until he slides over the Ferrari car key.



jeremy-clarkson_3 jeremy-clarkson_4

Clarkson then brings the review back into reason, with him discussing the car in depth as the beautiful lady looks on in complete dis-interest. However, he does manage to take her away, but is rejected at the posh hotel they arrive at for not being suitably dressed.

The choreography is superb and really shows just how meticulous Jeremy Clarkson is with his planning and metaphors used in a road test – even in his early days.