Sunday night saw Channel 4 broadcast their controversial documentary Diana: In Her Own Words and today Jeremy Kyle slammed the princess’ former bodyguard for taking part on the show.

While discussing the broadcast on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, stand-in host Jeremy hit out at Ken Wharfe for agreeing to speak about Diana and claimed he has “discoloured” his former position with the Royals.

As the former aide attempted to defend his role as a contributor, the chat show host, known for his own show which is titled after himself, interrupted: “My father worked for the royal family for 40 years and signed the official secrets act and never in his entire life would he have ever taken part in anything written or on television in that way because that was against what you did. 

“I would insist that you have actually discoloured the office that you had and the job that you had. What would Diana have thought of you doing this?”


Ken replied: “Well, actually, to be honest, and with due respect to your father I’m not in a position to comment about that but I did take part because I do think it has a place…” Before Kyle butt in once more.

Jeremy snapped: “Or you got paid for it?”

“What? In the same way that you get paid for the work that you do?,” Ken hit back.

But Jeremy was still not impressed as he fumed: “You signed a thing that said you’d keep it private.”


However, the former bodyguard was not about to stand down to his host, snapping: “Do you honestly think I would openly breach any regulation?

“Diana, whether we liked it or not, made a significant change in modernising this family, William and Harry made a documentary for ITV… this programme echoed what William and Harry were saying. This does sit historically with the life of Diana.”


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