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Woman rejects marriage proposal live on stage on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Michaela and Rob appeared on the ITV morning talkshow to discuss whether Rob has been cheating, although Michaela has a child to another man and is pregnant AGAIN by the same man, even though she’s with Rob. (Yeah, I’m confused as well)

Rob and Michaela have been on the show previously, with Rob failing his lie detectors. Michaela believed Rob to be cheating on her again and threatened to leave him for Craig, if he failed the third lie detector.

However, in a twist of fate, Rob passed the lie detector and took his opportunity to make it up to Michaela by dropping on to one knee and asking her to marry him. Host Jeremy Kyle, 51, joined in with the pantomime and demanded a ring from a member of the audience, so that Rob could meaningfully propose to his partner.

Rob clearly hasn’t done this before though, as he took Michaela’s right hand to place the ring on to. Unfortunately for the lover boy, Michaela rejected his proposal in front of the studio audience, leaving poor Rob stunned.

The mother of two told her partner, whilst pulling her hand away: “Until you change, I ain’t saying yes until you change.

“I’m not saying yes.. because then we’ll be going backwards and forwards”

Take a look at the footage below. Would you accept a proposal on The Jeremy Kyle Show?