According to reports from Jeremy McConnell, his on-off partner and former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis is pregnant again with their second child.

The news has shockingly come one day after Stephanie, 24, was arrested and taken to police custody after domestically abusing the Irish reality star in a London hotel room.

The pair already have a six-month old son named Caben-Albi; born on 13th January 2017.

Discussing the baby news with the Mail Online, Jeremy said:

“She just told me that she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked as it wasn’t planned, but to be honest I was excited. She told me that she was going to have a scan at the hospital later that afternoon.”

Jeremy and Stephanie with their son, Caben.

“The pregnancy was not planned and given our history together took me by surprise. I was pleased, but still in a bit of a shock.

“We were in the pub and having a few drinks. I had two or three and so did Steph which I thought was off as she was pregnant. She was also smoking and I told her a pregnant woman should not drink and smoke.”

During the interview, Jeremy also stated that Stephanie had hit him across the face with a wooden post at the hotel room just days before; but denies hitting her.

“I swear I never laid a finger on her. I do not hit women and do not hit pregnant women. I did not touch her. Any marks that she has on her are self inflicted. I did not lay a finger on her.”