“I have had to hire a secretary to handle all my dates.”

Remember Rodney’s friend and ladies man Jevon from Only Fools and Horses? Perhaps his most memorable scene is from the episode Yuppy Love where himself, Rodney and Mickey Pearce are in a nightclub. All three of them have got their eyes on a girl (Cassandra) and both Jevon and Mickey attempt to chat her up only for her to respond that she is “a lesbian!” However, Rodney bets that he will be able to get her to successfully dance with him and suceeds. All was not lost for Jevon though, we see him dancing with a blonde lady when Rodney and Mickey leave the club!

Jevon was played brilliantly by actor Steven Woodcock and we were wondering what he is up to these days so we had a look in to it to find out he has changed his career. Steven has now quit acting completely and is currently more focused on the writing side of television programmes. However, his main source of income comes from his passion for music and he dedicates a lot of his time to doing gigs.

Talking to iFilm London Productions recently, he explained:

“Yeah I spent a lot of my time writing now. I’m a singer/songwriter so I’m out gigging quite a lot at the moment and I’ve also been working on some of the odd TV programmes, literally, actually writing them really. I’m looking to develop some projects of my own as a writer. But mainly at the moment, I’m out with a guitar in my hand as a singer/songwriter and that’s what’s mainly keeping me going these days.”

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