Beautiful actress has starred in over 100 productions since Julia Jekyll days

Do you remember the children’s TV programme, Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde? It starred the young actress Olivia Hallinan as the intelligent school girl Julia who creates a special elixir for a science project. This special drink was tampered with by two bullying sisters and it lead to serious consequences! One swig of the drink turned Julia Jekyll into a big hairy monster! That was how Harriet Hyde was first introduced to us.

We have researched the actress Olivia Hallinan and she certainly is not looking too scary these days!

Olivia has been involved in acting since the age of seven. She is currently 32 years of age but she has appeared in over an impressive 100 productions. Growing up in London, her first major role was at the age of seven, starring alongside Cilla Black in Robin Prince of Sheerwood in 1991. Prior to Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde she had two roles in the Bill and she since gone on to appear in three films and several television shows. Olivia has appeared in Holby City, Casualty, Trial and Retribution and Torchwood to name just a few.

As well as her success in acting, she has clearly grown into a naturally beautiful woman.
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