Kate Garraway suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction this morning on Good Morning Britain

The 49-year-old was sat alongside co-host Ben Shephard when she could be seen fiddling with her yellow lacy dress.

It emerged that a button off the back of the garment had popped off, leaving her wide open at the back and left trying to find the offending accessory to rectify the situation.


Speaking to one of the Royal photographers about snapping photos of Her Majesty the Queen, who is celebrating her 91st birthday today, Kate quipped: “Has the Queen ever lost the button off the back of her dress during an important moment like mine did just there?

“I must apologise for hoisting my dress up but its burst, it has burst, I’m afraid. So, I’m sorry about that Arthur, you’d never get that with the Queen.”

Arthur then smirked: “If it did, there would be someone on hand to give you a safety pin.”

Ben, sat beside Kate joked: “As oppose to me, being no help at all.”

The blonde then snapped: “Just laughing at my trauma,” before Ben responded, laughing: “That’s the problem if you wear a mustard doily to work.”

Fans on social media spotted the glitch and sympathised with Kate. One wrote: “Poor Kate! Worst thing ever is when your dress pops open”. Another added: “OMG I feel soooo sorry for Kate on GMB right now. How embarrassing”

Good Morning Britain returns to ITV on Monday at 6am.