Katie Hopkins is never too far away from making yet another controversial comment to add to her long list, but this time has decided to take it one step further and slam one of the royals.

Prince Harry recently opened up about his life-long issues since dealing with his mothers death. Speaking in an interview, he admitted that he was once “on the verge of punching someone” and “very close to a complete breakdown”.

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From the public perspective, things have always appeared very different and seems as though no-one really knew what was going on behind closed doors. Yet, Hopkins made sure she had her say about Harry’s choice to come public with his mental health struggles.

“Is there any chance Prince William and Prince Harry could just put a sock in it for a bit and quit bleating on about their struggle for sanity?”

“As yet another celebrity is applauded for speaking out about their mental health struggles, I wish more people would decide to keep their emotions private for their family.”I am sick of them being vomited up all over the place in an endless competition to see who can be the most traumatised.”

Despite writing up her negative opinion in her daily mail column, she unsurprisingly received a great deal of abuse for her harsh comments.

One user tweeted “You’re an absolute attention seeking clown. I respect your thoughts on some stuff but on this you are very wrong indeed”.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you agree with the fact that Prince Harry has come forward…or are you siding with Katie on this one? Tell us what you think below!