Even though Katie Price no longer goes by the name ‘Jordan’ it looks like her children know about her old job.

In a clip from her new reality show ‘Katie Price: My Crazy Life’, she shows her toddler daughter Bunny a picture of her topless days.

In the brief video of the new show, Katie (39) and husband Keiran Hayler (30) are seen clearing out a garage as Junior (11), Princess (9), and Bunny (2), watch on.

Kieran pulls out a giant poster of her in her previous life as Jordan, sitting topless and legs akimbo on a chair, with one hand pressed to her crotch.

Princess runs over and asks “What is that?” as she tries to cover it up, but Katie has another idea.

The mum of five says “Asks Bunny if she knows who that is?”

They ask Bunny if she knows who it is and she replies “Mummy.”

Bit awks!

Watch it below

Kieran then announces that the rest of the plastic tat needs to be put in a skip, with Katie replying cheekily “Plastic but fantastic.”

Her husband then “honks” Katie’s boobs and moves in for a kiss, while princess watches on.

Her new reality series will follow the family as they mange their crazy day-to-day schedule.

She’s just released her new single ‘I Got U’ of which her loose women performance of the track was panned on social media.