Peter Kay on 1970s Adverts

A young Peter Kay welcomes us to watch a mock interview, where he can be see wearing a house robe, discussing 1970s television advertising.

In the video below, Peter talks about the on-screen promotions for brands, whilst explaining how they worked and poking fun at them.

The Bolton comic opens with “I was a victim of advertising, definitely,”

“It’s difficult not to be lured in by the lies of the advert when you’re a kid”.

The brilliant video, which is just under four minutes long brings back the best and worst adverts from the decade that brought us Pong and Concorde.

Kay answers mock questions, emphasising how he succumbed to the pressure of the adverts and suggested he bought things he didn’t actually want.

“It’s unbearable”, he evokes, whilst an ad for 6 million dollar man plays out with an authoritative tone.

He then discusses the scenery in the adverts, with an Evil Kinevil toy the subject. The advert shows a desert backdrop with the motorbike fearlessly jumping a huge truck. Kay erupts:

“Lies, all lies. Who had a desert? nobody I knew.

“All I had fert [sic] jump were a poof in the front room, and me dads slipper when he were asleep”.

Peter continues to make us laugh and most recently hosted a Q&A in aid of Polly Haydock at the Blackpool Opera House. Kay is also working on a second series of his loved Car Share, which is due for release in May this year.