The former partner of George Michael, who sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2016, today appeared on ITV’s daytime magazine show This Morning, but he didn’t appear without forcing an apology from Phillip Schofield.

Kenny Goss revealed during the emotional interview how he’d been offered lots of money to participate in many talks since his partner passed away. However on this occasion claimed he’d chosen to give the money to charity. But that wasn’t the only thing to stir viewers emotions – and those of the presenters too – during the interview.

“I did this for charity. I was offered a big sum of money, so I did some interviews,” he admitted. Many viewers questioned Kenny’s morals behind the admission, joking that he only came to talk about George because he was skint. But that wasn’t the only thing that viewers were discussing online.

Midway through the interview, as Kenny discussed how keen George was on politics and current affairs, Phillip pointed out that he was also a fan of This Morning, prompting the American – appearing via live live from Los Angeles – to shout out:

“Holy sh*t we used to watch you guys all the time, especially you, Phillip,”
Goss explained, promoting laughter followed by a sincere apology from the two hosts.

“Phillip has now got to say sorry about that,” the jovial silver haired presented explained.

Viewers of the show were incensed by Goss’ blasé approach about earning big money for talking about Michaels passing. Taking to social media one user wrote: “Making money off the back of your recently deceased ex-bf.”

Another said “Phil: ‘So Kenny, what is making you speak out?’. Kenny: ‘Money’,” whilst a third quipped “I’m skint, so let’s talk about George and act all sad”.

This Morning bosses had clearly seen the tweets and Phillp Schofield was forced to comment. “We have to point out that we agreed to pay you for this interview,” he said.