Phillip Schofield clashes with Kim Woodburn in explosive LIVE interview on This Morning

Holly Willougby had to intervene on today’s This Morning after a discussion between co-host Phillip Schofield and Kim Woodburn became incredibly heated.

The mother of three couldn’t get a word in as 54-year old Phillip, quizzed Kim, 74, on her controversial behaviour, which caused a handful arguments on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother. [Scroll down for video]

Kim raised a point that the housemates “didn’t like latecomers”, which could explain why she didn’t see eye-to-eye with the majority of the other celebrities.

Kim reacted angrily however, when Phillip informer her that Chloe Ferry and Jessica Cunningham – who also entered the house as latecomers – were actually liked. Woodburn raged: “You were not in there! I know what I went through. I went through hell on earth. I was told ‘get back to your cleaning’.”

Holly then asked: “Why not go then?” but Kim hit back: “Why should I go? Why should I lose money because of those bums? Why should I leave a massive sum of money? Would you give up enough money to buy a house?”, prompting Phil to ask: “How much were they paying you?”

Visibly upset by the question, an irked Kim fumed: “None of your business, how much are they paying you?”

After Phil refused to answer, the trio sat in silence for a few second, before Kim explained: “I think I am a nice person. Ask the crew, everyone.”

Ever the professional, Phillip stirred the pot further, saying: “But I know the row you had on Celebrity Juice!” leaving Kim a little shocked.

The conversation changed focus on to winner, Coleen Nolan, but Kim didn’t think she was worthy and ranted: “She’s a horrible person!” as Phillip insisted: “I know Coleen and I think she won it because she’s a nice person.”

Kim hit back: “I’m not a diplomat like you, I have not got one second of my life for bull.”

Woodburn finished the interview by telling Phillip that “he should have had her there and stayed neutral in opinion,” as Holly cut-in: “Ok! This is Big Brother,” with an attempt to come between the hot-headed pair, while Kim told Phil: “You big phoney!”

Twitter reacted to the explosive interview, with users commenting on how fragile to criticism Woodburn appeared: “Kim Woodburn talks so much bulls**t! She is the bully and is far from polite! Doesn’t let anyone speak!”. Another parised Phil with: “Well done @Schofe very professional whilst interviewing Kim who was most awkward!”

A third wrote: “I’m in stitches at Holly and Phil interviewing Kim! They are dying to laugh silly cow arguing!!!”