A landlord was shocked to find reviews on popular website, TripAdvisor were less than exceptional after a member of staff saved the life of a guest.

The family in question had been staying at the Congleton Arms when one of them suffered a heart attack.

Members of staff are believed to have acted quickly and saved the mans life.

However that didn’t stop one of the family from leaving a scathing review of the venue, citing it ‘terrible’ on the review site.

The relative went on to explain how they were more annoyed by not having their breakfast included in the £60 room fee.


It is not the first TripAdvisor review that has infuriated the pub, who claim unfair comments on the site are difficult to remove and cause a great deal of damage to their trade.

Carrington Arms manager Peter Dodman told the Morning Advertiser that it was a ‘constant battle’ with review sites and added: ‘You have to take ratings with a pinch of salt.’

They said the level and type of complaints often found on TripAdvisor had led to ‘staff resignations, sleepless nights and police intervention.’

Another landlord noticed a particular bad review came from a guest who had previously posted 175 nasty reviews about other places and responded: ‘I bet the cold nights just fly by in your house.

‘When I realised that you go as far as reviewing a kebab shop, I laughed and gave up.’

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