Liam Gallagher shared a couple of stories from his wild 90s days involving a Tom Jones song, a lot of Guinness and Alan Partridge.

Liam, who will release his first solo album in October, has revealed the details of a wild night he shared with comedian and actor Steve Coogan at a wedding back in the day.

Speaking to Noisey as a part of their ‘British Masters’ series, Gallagher shed some light on his TV viewing preferences, which eventually led to an amazing story about Steve Coogan.

“Love [The Trip]”, Gallagher remarked when asked about the Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon comedy show.

“Love Coogan. He just looks f***ing…like he’s close to the bone.”

“Partied with him once, there was a wedding going on. Loads of people come in, they’re going like “Liam are you gonna sing Wonderwall?”

“[Coogan’s] going ‘leave him alone, I’ll f***ing sing a song,” Gallagher continued. “He got up on stage and sung ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones, but f***ing mega.”

Gallagher then spoke of the next morning after a heavy session of “drinking Guinness” with Coogan.

“I wake up and see this lump in the bed and I go ‘Oh God, Who’s this?”. And it was him and he was fully clothed and he’s gone [gesturing throwing the bedsheets off]…AHAA!”

“Never seen him since.” Liam concluded.

In the full interview, Liam shared some pearls of wisdom on his first solo album saying, “My life seems to have a lot of drama. In the last foue years there was a lot of that going on, all to do with my own doing n’that. But I wanted to get back to remind people what I do.”

He also shared his take on why Oasis never fully broke America. “I think we were a bit too lady or English for them…I’m quite happy with the way it went down in America to be honest. I think if we got big in America I’d be a proper c*nt.”

Watch the video below to see Liam tell the story. Warning: Strong language