Fans of ITV drama Little Boy Blue took to social media last night, to express their shock and horror at gut wrenching ‘CCTV footage’, which was repeatedly shown in its full gory detail as episode three of the four-part series aired.

The third episode follows Dave Kelly closely as he is determined to prove the found Smith & Wesson revolver is the murder weapon and that a .45 bullet was used.

As we saw in episode two, the revolver is ruled out due to the bullets it takes not matching the wound found on Rhys’ body, however Kelly is adamant that the weapon found in Kevin Moody’s (False name used as his real name is unknown) attic is connected and demands more tests to be carried out.

His demands generate results as it’s discovered the gang members used a .45 bullet, which is partially smaller than the bullets designed for the classic weapon. The difference in size caused the .45 bullet to ‘tumble’ when fired – rather than in a drilling motion – thus causing a larger entry wound in Rhys’ body due to the distance the bullet travelled over.

During the tests, viewers watched as firearms expert Mark Robinson reviewed the harrowing CCTV footage over and over again, to distinguish how Rhys turns around upon hearing the first gun shot before being hit by the second one, which entered from the back and out of his neck – the polar opposite of how investigators originally understood the bullet had hit. [Article continues below]

Viewers were later shown the footage once more, which showed graphic detail of how the eleven year old was murdered and with full explanation of how the wound came to be so large upon entry. Many of those watching will have never seen this footage before, but many questioned whether it was in fact the official CCTV clip of the event, due to its believed picture-perfect resemblance.

Taking to twitter user Kellie wept: “That cctv footage was absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking to watch #LittleBoyBlue”, whilst Karen added: #LittleBoyBlue oh god, those CCTV images”.


Jodie wrote: Oh dear god, please tell me. That’s not the real CCTV footage. It looks so real, #littleboyblue”, with Laura adding: “Is that the original CCTV footage? Because either way that’s absolutely gut wrenching to watch #littleboyblue”.

Little Boy Blue concludes on ITV 1 on Monday, with the final episode aired at 9pm.