Before Mrs Browns Boys hit screen in the United Kingdom and exploded, Brendan O’Carroll made an appearance in Peter Kay’s Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

The Irish comedian was relatively unknown in the UK, but since his stage-sitcom became a hit, he has become a household name. O’Carroll played Gypsy Joe in the first episode of Phoenix Nights spin-off, Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere. WATCH Full Episode on Final Page of Gallery.

In the opening scene, the former Phoenix Club bouncers can be seen in a dockyard at the back of a wagon. Paddy says “I thought you said it were a shop?” (continued below)

Max replies, “It is”, as the back doors of the wagon swing open. In the back of the articulated lorry is Brendan O’Carroll, portraying Gypsy Joe. Max & Paddy are looking for a Television for their portable home, but Joe doesn’t have the large Plasma screen they’re looking for.

However, he suggests an idea, which leads them to a shopping centre. The Irishman leads a high-street robbery, with Max & Paddy dressed up as two dancing bears. Upon finishing their dance, Max & Paddy worm their way into the shopping centres backroom and change into first-aiders – disguising a huge Plasma screen as an emergency ‘stretcher’.

Gypsy Joe distracts the desk-clerk, pretending to feint, whilst the two former-bouncers trundle out with the disguised Plasma screen. They carry out Brendan’s character but then see the real Ambulance coming around the corner. They panic and throw Joe over the wall – “He just jumped”, Max tells the paramedic. “You can take it from here, Boys”, he continues before the two walk away, with their covered Plasma in hand. View our Gallery of Brendan O’Carrolls cameo in Max & Paddy.

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