Ian Brady

Saddleworth Moors Murderer, Ian Brady has passed away after suffering a two-year terminal illness.

The 79-year-old, who had been in prison for more than 50 years, recently wrote to a Channel 5 journalist from Ashworth high security hospital, where he was being treated to explain his condition.

In the letter he wrote: “I’m still bedridden and have been for over two years. The lung and chest condition is terminal.”

The hate-filled monster, who killed five children in the 1960s, received end-of-life care from nurses, who assist ­terminal cancer patients. Brady’s treatment came from the secure Ashworth Hospital in ­Merseyside.

Prior to his death, the brother of 12-year-old victim John Kilbride said: “We’ll certainly celebrate his death when it comes. Good riddance.”

Image: Daily Star

The dying murderer was urged to reveal where the last of his five child-murder victims is buried, but with him now no longer with us, it will likely never be known where Keith Bennett is laid.

Terry Kilbride, whose brother John, 12, was also a victim, told The Sun, prior to Brady’s death: “I would beg him to do the right thing on his deathbed and tell us where Keith is. Now is the time for him to stop playing tricks and come clean.

“If he takes it to the grave, I will feel so sorry for Keith’s family. There will only ever be another search if there’s fresh evidence. That has to come from him.

“When Brady dies I truly hope he rots in hell. That’s the only place he’s going.”

Moors Murders

Ian Brady was arrested on October 7th, 1965, with Myra Hindley demanding she accompany her lover, after the body of Edward Evans was discovered in a locked room by Superintendent Bob Talbot, who disguised himself as a police officer investigating another matter, which involved violence and potentially a firearm.

Hindley led the officer in, knowing there was no firearm to be found. During a search of the property the disguised Superintendent found Evans’ body, following up a phone call from David Smith, who had witnessed Brady commit the murder and had agreed to help him dispose of the body.

Investigating further, luggage was recovered containing pornographic images of a young girl, as well as a thirteen minute recording of her screaming for help. Later, police found an exercise book believed to belong to John Kilbride, which made them suspicious that Brady and Hindley might have been involved in the unsolved disappearances of other youngsters.

Myra Hindley

A large collection of photographs was discovered in the house, many of which seemed to have been taken on Saddleworth Moor. One hundred and fifty officers were drafted to search the moor, looking for locations that matched the photographs. Initially the search was concentrated along the A628 road near Woodhead, but a close neighbour, 11-year-old Pat Hodges, had on several occasions been taken to the moor by Brady and Hindley and she was able to point out their favourite sites along the A635 road.

The searching officers discovered body parts and further investigations led to the revelation of more bodies, bodies of children who had gone missing and remained unsolved. It was concluded that Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evanscould be accounted for, but not Keith Bennett.

The body of Keith Bennett remains a mystery, but in March 2017, the Daily Star reported that Brady may have left a cipher in his book, The Gates of Janus after interviewing Erica Gregory after the discovery of a shotgun on Saddleworth Moor. She explained:

“The shotgun find is very significant because it shows it is an area which the police have not looked at. I found that there was a cipher within Janus a couple of years ago. It is very complex and has taken me a long time to read between the lines.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

“There are parts which show where to look for Keith – that could come next. No one I know has seen how important the book is. It is hard reading at times but there are hidden messages.

“I believe that Brady thought he was dying and wrote the cipher as his legacy. I know many criminologists have looked at the book but I read it in reverse – from this I found his cipher.

“He writes about his victims – giving them the names of serial killers he writes about.”

Myra Hindley died in 2002, aged 60, whilst Brady lived on until 2017 after making it clear he never wanted to leave jail and and repeatedly asked to be allowed to die.