Piers Morgan brings guest to tears after explosive argument

ITV Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan this morning brought a guest to tears after laying into her parenting skills.

Controversial host, Morgan who is often lambasted on social media for his opinions, gave viewers a taste of his nasty side when involved in a heated discussion with a guest. [Scroll down for Video]

Morgan can be seen tearing into mother-of-one Sarah Louise Bryan, who recently made headlines with an invoice she sent to a fellow parent, for a new pair of shoes for her daughter. Watch the explosive exchange below.

Sarah asked a friend to pay £325 to replace her daughter’s Italian leather boots after they were marked with pen during a play date.

It became known that Sarah’s daughter owns 60 pairs of shoes, which Piers clearly opposed to.

He said: “There won’t be a mother or father watching this interview, looking at you thinking ‘what on earth are you doing buying a three year old 60 pairs of shoes?’

“Do you understand how preposterous that is?”

Morgan also noted the incident could affect Sarah’s daughters social life. He said: “No friends are going to want to have her round if you do things like that.”

Sarah then began to appear visibly upset, telling Piers: “I do understand, I have had so much abuse, you have no idea.

“This has got nothing to do with my parenting and it’s unfair, all the bullying.”

Sarah then broke down on set, revealing she was abused and bullied in her youth. She then said the constant cyber bullying she’s been receiving is “not right.”

“She’s allowed to make mud pies and do things like that”

The guest was then asked whether she regrets sending the invoice, after all the uproar it has caused: “I don’t regret it. I regret not changing her shoes.”

Insisting her daughter is able to play with other children, Sarah said: “She is allowed to get dirty, she’s allowed to make mud pies and do things like that.

“She gets everything – not in a spoilt way but she gets everything she needs. I work hard.”

Good Morning Britain viewers used Twitter to share their views on the interview. Many of them agreed with the host, who is often criticised for his opinions.

However, not everybody agreed.

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  1. Most people would agree what Piers Morgan said to that young mother. Fancy paying all that money for a pair of boots the little girl can’t even play outside in. That poor child is going to get bullied all because of her mother. It is ridiculous.

  2. Knowing your child is going to play around someone’s house means any sensible parent would put some older shoes on in case they got scuffed. I sent my daughter to school with. £50 pair of new school shoes on and they were ruined by the end of the day cause she had been sat on the playground floor chalking. If she doesn’t want the shoes ruined that just says she can’t afford them in the first place. If she’d sent me a bill I’d have laughed in her face. Soo much for making friends haha…stupid woman. The cyber bullying is uncalled for. She should have deleted her FB account and stayed away.

  3. Piers I totally agree …she’s rediculous…3yr olds grow so quick she must have money to burn. She only turned on the tears because she knew exactly how silly she was and then pulled the bullying card… for sympathy. For goodness sake put shoes on that are for playing in for a play date… attention seeking. Piers btw it’s nice to have straight talking no nonsense people on the tv who aren’t afraid to speak their minds

  4. I agree whole heartily with Piers for his honest opinion. She must be rich to afford all the shoes she buys. I only wish my daughter had got that sort of money to waste. It certainly wouldn’t be on shoes it would be to help her keep a roof over her head for herself and her two boys. Without having to worry about paying her mortgage . Lucky for some how pathetic hope she realises her mistake.

  5. you can say exactly what’s on your mind and voice opion on whatever you want to 😠all the nonsense about offending people which don’t agree with your views , you can’t say this you can’t say that is ridiculous the world’s gone totallyrics bonkers with all this political correctness we are all individual with our own thoughts except for a minority which love to jump on the band wagon slowly were all losing the ability to form an opion .”speak your mind if you have got 1″.

  6. God what a world we live in …….The silly woman one for buying the bloody shoes for her wee girl and two for being too stupid to delete her facebook account. think STUPID is the word that describes the whole process from go to whoa. Also p’s me off a bit when the abuse card is raised so readily as an excuse. Not personally but I have people in my life that have been abused severely,one chap at 6 he was beaten within an inch of his life, the guy is the nicest kindest most gentle soul you would ever meet. Lady you are full of bunkum