The mum of Rhys Jones’ killer Sean Mercer is now receiving a great deal of abuse from passers-by and neighbours in attempts to protect her son from the police, due to murdering the 11 year-old school boy. The sudden backlash has been out of response of the ITV drama Little Boy Blue which has exposed her criminal actions.

Rumoured to be an ex-prostitute, Janette was recently spotted in a work assessment centre in Liverpool with her hand in a brace. In her hooker days, it was said she was making £50 per day from clients, however was later sentenced to three years in prison for covering her son’s back to keep him out of jail.

Strangers are now snapping her in the street and uploading pictures to social media, accompanied by abusive comments. One Facebook user uploaded this photo of her in a Doctors waiting room:

Janette Mercer was pictured in a work assessment centre by a stranger. The photo was posted online and attracted thousands of angry comments

Janette was discovered to have perverted the court of justice after denying her son’s involvement with the shooting and his ownership of the silver bike which he used to flee from the murder scene.

She was one out of seven criminals involved in the murder to have been freed from prison. Her son Sean now faces a lengthy 22 year-sentence and it was recently revealed that he wished to be transferred due to being targeted with physical abuse from inmates.