Radio Times

Rory Cowan was reported to be leaving the popular TV sitcom Mrs Browns Boy’s last week, but, gave the press the vague reason that he had been ‘unhappy for some time’.

Fans of the show were left confused by the immediate decision, as questions were left unanswered.

Since quitting the BBC comedy programme, Rory admitted the real reason why he had decided to quit in a TV interview with Miriam O’Callaghan on Saturday night.

He admitted that his mum has been suffering from dementia and was had been refused time to spend with her during the tour, despite claims she had only “days to live“.

During the interview, he said:

I haven’t been happy for the past couple of years. We were in Australia last year or the year before and, my mother has dementia, but before we went she was still mobile.”

But when I was in Australia I got word to say she had days to live. And I couldn’t get home. I couldn’t get home because it was an insurance issue. They said ‘If your mother dies you can go home for a week and come back’, all the way to Australia.

But if she doesn’t die you can’t go. If people want their money back for refunds if you’re not in the show, even though Brendan is the star of the show, you’ll have to pay full price for every seat that’s refunded. And that could have worked out at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He confessed that he is much happier now that he has left the show and his decision had been planned for a long period of time.

It seemed as if Cowan and O’Carroll left on bad terms but he told Miriam O’Callaghan that O’Carroll is a “very generous employer” and that he was “never the problem.”