Remember “My Wife And Kids”? Here is what the cast look like now

My Wife and Kids is a Black Sitcom featuring Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle, who is raising his three children alongside his loving wife, Jay.

The show aired on ABC in America from 2001 until 2005. My Wife and Kids has aired in the UK from 2001, across several stations, with repeats airing still to this day.

With the show finishing more than 10 years ago, it’s inevitable that the actors have changed. We are going to take a look at how they appear today. Parker McKenna Posey – Wow, just wow!

Damon WayansMichael_My Wife and Kids

The father of the family. Damon Wayans played Michael, whose mission it is to make his family functional. He looks relatively the same – but now he has hair!

Damon is now 56 years of age. He appeared as Michael for the first time when he was 40 years old.

Noah Gray-Cabey

Franklin, the boy-friend of Kady in My Wife and Kids looks a hell of a lot different these days. The cute charming kid is now an iron-pumping machine and looks great for it.

When he first appeared in My Wife and Kids he was just six years old. Now he’s in his early 20’s and is chiselled!


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