Nan | Video Below
Nan | Video Below

Nan is one of Catherine Tate’s most loved characters and it’s easy to see why.

In this short clip from the Christmas episode, which aired on the BBC in 2015, Nan is admitted to Anger Management and charges in guns blazing.

The first words out of her mouth really set the scene “I don’t like the look of this mob. Alright Speccy! What are you angry about, Speccy? You angry about people calling you Speccy?”

Waving her arms in the air, Nan continues to insult the man “Poor fella can’t see me, I’m calling YOU, Speccy”, she shouts from all of four yards away.

Nan then turns her attenstion to a portly gentlemen who happens to walk into her line of fire. “Here he is, Porky! How you been, son?” she flippantly asks.

The man responds, shaking his head as he sits down “Oh I remember you”.

To which Nan quickly replies “Well they do say, don’t they, an elephant never forgets”, before continuing the barrage of offense by asking him why he’s angry.

“What are you mad about, Porky? Weight Watchers not working out?”

“I’m very happy with my weight”, the man responds, before being shot down once more with “So you should be, it’s impressive”.

Nan then continues to insult other members of the room, before the clips concludes. Another brilliant Catherine Tate moment. We are really hoping she returns to our screens this coming year.

Nan calls Paul O’Grady a Scouse B*stard