Catherine Tate shocked a LIVE Studio audience, with her appearance as Nan in this 2006 Paul O’Grady sketch.

The segment was for the ‘Nan’ character in her sitcom, The Catherine Tate Show, but the live studio audience at the Paul O’Grady Show, weren’t aware of what was about to unfold.

Tate, portraying her Nan character, was being presented with a new armchair, which the Paul O’Grady show gifted, to replace her old one. Things take a turn for the worse however, when the Liverpudlian host reveals he had to enter Nan’s flat to make the delivery.

Watch the video below, as the fictional-Grandmother’s story descends into X RATED chaos; unbeknownst to the live studio audience.

Catherine Tate’s alter-ego accuses Paul O’Grady of being a “no-good scouse bast*rd” in this fictional sketch, created for the Catherine Tate Show.

The audience, who are unaware that a sketch is being filmed, react honestly and hilariously to what plays out.

Nan was talking with host, Paul O’Grady, about her grandson, who had organised the surprise gift when she, in typical Nan fashion, insulted the shows audience.

“He hasn’t got a job”

Upon telling Paul how much her grandson loved the show, she said: “Oh he loves you, you see, darling.

He watches you all the time, because he hasn’t got a job”.

The audience laughed a little awkwardly, but Paul managed to keep a straight face and proceed.

The show descended into chaos soon after though, as Nan begins insulting any and everything that crosses her path.

“What a f*cking liberty.

“And to cap it all you’ve sent me packing down to watch that pile of old tat [Billy Elliot in theatre],

“All the little fairy boys dancing about in Tutu’s”

Nan then turns on O’Grady, who is openly gay and says

“I bet you’ve seen it ain’t ya” [sic],

She continued: “Singing songs about f*cking mines,

“Oh that’s all I need that is, I’m going now”

At this point she shouts her grandson to accompany her and walks off, leaving the audience in complete shock and Paul trying his best not to burst out laughing. Brilliant!

TOM CRUISE in stitches after Catherine Tate NAN Gag