Gary Neville trolled by Virgin Trains and Jamie Carragher

Gary Neville victim of troll – From VIRGIN TRAINS as Jamie Carragher joins in

 Gary Neville may regret agreeing to being filmed for a Sky Sports documentary, after Virgin Trains grilled him on Twitter.

Former Manchester United defender and club legend Gary Neville was filmed catching up on much needed sleep after a long day in the commentary box.

Sky Sports produced a documentary aimed at showing what life is like ‘behind the scenes’ for 41-year-old Neville, since he quit playing to become a pundit.

Gary Neville trolled by Virgin Trains and Jamie Carragher

On his train home, Gary fell asleep, but the cameras didn’t stop rolling and the pundit is seen with his feet up on the chair opposite.

The footage made its way online and Virgin Trains twitter account did not miss an opportunity for some quick publicity.

The train company jokingly tweeted: “Oi @GNev2, keep your feet off the seat! @Carra wouldn’t do this.”

Image Credit: Sky Sports

This prompted a response from former Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher. He cheekily added: “No respect for other passengers!”

Many fans though were shocked at the state of Neville’s shoes.

Andrew wrote: “Looks like @GNev2 could do with a new pair of shoes too.”

Sky Sports original Documentary, “The Pundit” is packed full of quips between Carragher and Neville as the two work together.