Nicholas Lyndhurst shows his sense of humour in this hilarious outtake from The Two of Us

Nicholas Lyndhurst shows audiences that he possesses a great sense of humour in this hilarious outtake from The Two of Us.

The scene shows Ashley (Lyndhurst), sat on a kitchen worktop, talking to Elaine (Janet Dibley) about a Toby Jug that he’s given away.

Upon Elaine opening the fridge door, Nicholas forgets Ashley’s next line and causes a comical exchange with the live studio audience. He says: “Well I’ve can’t remember what I’m supposed to say”. [article continued below]

This leads to the studio audience laughing hysterically and Janet Dibley turning around unable to keep her face straight.

Upon reading the script and realising where he went wrong, Nic begins monkeying around and says: “It’s about this time I enjoy turning into an ape”.

He then proceeds to hilariously begin transforming his persona into that of a wild gorilla. Nicholas picks up a frying pan from the set. He begins thrashing it about whilst looking off camera towards the audience.

The director then walks onto the set to give final instructions. Lyndhurst uses her as a target and swings a wild arm – narrowly missing.

Nicholas Lyndhurst appeared in all four seasons of The Two of Us, which aired on ITV in 1986 until 1990. Lyndhurst had been playing the part of dopey brother, Rodney in BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses for five years prior to The Two of Us.

Many fans believe that Nicholas shone in this series, something he could never do in Only Fools due to his on-screen brother and co-star, David Jason being the centre of attention.


“I preferred this to Nick’s other more famous part”.

YouTube users wrote of Lyndhursts performances in The Two of Us:

MrSteveManno said of The Two of Us and Nic Lyndhurst: “Yes very underrated”.

This is backed up by Terry Charnley, who added: “This is such an underrated series! It was actually, shock horror, my favourite! I preferred this to Nick’s other more famous part”.