5 things Nicholas Lyndhurst couldn’t live without

ACTOR and former Only Fools and Horses star Nicholas Lyndhurst, 55, lives in West Sussex with his wife Lucy, a former ballerina, and son Archie.

Archie has taken up acting, like his father and is growing into quite a strong character. He is fifteen years old, but already has a number of roles to his name, with more lined up in the future.

Lucy Lyndhurst is a former Ballerina and she and Nicholas first met in the West End, whilst he was involved in a stage production.

Here are five things the established actor has admitted he couldn’t live without.

1 – My wife, Lucy

“The first time I saw my wife Lucy I was on stage in the West End. I remember seeing this beautiful pair of big, blue eyes staring up at me from the front row.

“After the show, she and her friend sent a bottle of Champagne to the cast and invited us to come and watch them perform with the English National Ballet.

“That was in 1992 and from the moment we got chatting backstage I knew she was the woman for me.

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“As a former dancer, Lucy has the strength and resilience to do just about anything and she is the most wonderful friend and partner.

“Before we met I’d never given much thought to children but having our son Archie is the icing on the cake and they both make me incredibly happy.”

2 – Flying – Nicholas is a qualified Pilot

“When I was three I jumped off the coal bunker at home holding an umbrella in the vain hope that I might take off.

“Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt but my mother was furious. As a child it was my dream to learn to fly and I’ve had a pilot’s licence for almost 30 years.

“There is something so intoxicating about disappearing above the clouds. It doesn’t really matter where you end up, just being in the air is exciting enough.


“A couple of years ago a pilot friend of mine offered me a job with an air ambulance service. I was very tempted as it seemed like such a worthwhile way to earn a living but acting won out in the end.”

3 – Books

“I have always loved reading and as a child all I needed was a new library book and an apple and I was happy.

“These days I never have time to lose myself in a story but I do try to read something every day.

“I have a rather eclectic taste in literature as at the moment I am reading three books at once: The Girl On The Train, Shakespeare On Toast and a memoir about pilots in the First World War.”

4 – West Wittering beach

“The sea I grew up in West Wittering which has the most amazing beach. As a youngster I spent a lot of time in the water, either swimming or on my board.

“Archie is exactly the same and he and I both love kayaking. For years I lived in cities and as much as I enjoyed the buzz, I know that the coast is where I truly belong.

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“Living close to the sea is wonderfully rejuvenating and if I’m ever feeling stressed, I simply stand at the bottom of our garden and watch the waves crashing against the sand. It instantly calms me down.”

5 – Laughter

“I couldn’t live my life without constant laughter and Archie and Lucy always have me in hysterics.

“The other day one of them said something really funny while I was driving and I had to slam on my brakes in the middle of a multi-storey car park as I was laughing so much I couldn’t see straight.

“There was a queue of cars beeping behind us but it was all I could do to breathe, let alone park.

British Actors Lennard Pearce; David Jason And Nicholas Lyndhurst Stars of the BBC TV comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’. (Photo by Photoshot/Getty Images)

“I love that feeling of completely losing control and there have been times that I’ve become so overwhelmed with hilarity I’ve actually feared for my health.

“Almost anything can start me off, from an off-the-cuff joke to a slapstick moment.

The Two of Us Nicholas Lyndhurst
The Two of Us starring a young Nicholas Lyndhurst

“It might not seem very dignified at times but being able to see the funny side is an endless source of joy.”

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