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One of the most heart warming moments in Friends was the birth of Ross and Rachel’s baby, Emma.

Now, 12 years after Friends finsihed recording, a picture has surfaced of Baby Emma, or should we say “Emmas” plural. Yes, the baby Emma was in fact used by two different babies – a set of twins by the names of Noelle and Cali Sheldon.

According to Entertainment Tonight, they are just your typical twins who go to school, are involved in sports teams, play musical instruments but they have also been acting on the side “as a hobby.”

Here is how they look today:

Baby emma

Cali and Noelle got the part as baby Emma job after their mum found out the information on a  twin parenting blog that film and TV productions often seek out twins for parts to ease time constraints whilst filming.

Naturally, the twins do not remember their time on Friends but their parents have told them that the cast were all very “nice”.

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