Paddy McGuinness was sensationally TAKEN OUT on his ITV dating show Take Me Out when a stunt went horribly wrong.

During Saturday night’s edition of the popular ITV dating show, Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness was sent flying during a reenactment of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video.

When Ben, from Weymouth, Dorset appeared, he revealed he has a passion for dressing up as part of his job – a holiday park entertainer.

He soon shocked the studio by dressing as the pop star for a comical but cheesy rendition of her well-known music video.

However things didn’t quite go as planned when Paddy gave him a shove to start, before being sensationally wiped out upon Bens return from wrecking the blocks set out for him.

Paddy can be seen taking a huge leap off stage as he is clattered into by the swinging ball – whilst Ben continues to sing completely unaware of what’s just happened.

The blooper comes just a week after the previous gaffe, which saw Paddy rudely ignored by a contestant, leaving the usually affable host confused.

After Diego from Oxford secured himself a date to take to the island of Fernando, the bachelor was forced to whittle it down to singletons Phillippa and Anneka.

Express / ITV

To decide which of the ladies he should take to Fernandos – AKA Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife – Diego was required to ask them both the same question.

He asked: “If I was to do your make-up, what character would you like me to transform you into and why?”

Paddy turned to Phillippa awaiting her answer, however, the bachelorette simply ignored him, carrying on a conversation with one of the other contestants stood next to her.

In a bizarre scene, Paddy asked her if she had heard the question, to which Phillippa turned around and nodded approvingly.

Take Me Out returns on ITV, Saturday at 18:45