Peter Kay on Alan Carr Chatty Man | Scroll down for Video
Peter Kay on Alan Carr Chatty Man | Scroll down for Video

Peter Kay appeared as a guest on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in 2014 and completely took over.

The Bolton comedian appears a guest on the Alan Carr show, when he spots a fly buzzing around the studio. Kay makes it his mission to rid Alan Carr of the flying insect, before the show was allowed to continue.

The whole sketch plays out over 20-minutes and concludes when Kay finally swats the intruder. Throughout the course of the show, Peter takes over as host, with Alan Carr struggling to control his guest. It’s all in good fun though, with the whole thing very ‘Peter Kay’ and absolutely hilarious. Watch the full clip below and laugh your socks off at Peter and Alan Carr as they create the perfect double act.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video clip, here’s a gallery of images from the full interview

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“There’s a Fly”

Peter Kay appeared as a guest on Alan Carr Chatty Man in December 2014 to discuss his life, career and future plans in television. But all of that goes out of the window just six-minutes into the interview, when Kay spots what he says is a fly, in the studio.


In the run up to the disruption, when Alan Carr and Peter finally take their seats after a very dramatic entrance, Kay makes a homophobic jibe, which the audience and Carr alike find hilarious. This same type of borderline offensive humour saw the northerner slammed recently, when he made a similar gag on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. 


After the disturbance, Kay continued the camaraderie and had the audience in fits of laughter. Alan Carr was incredibly game for the comedian to continue and actively joined in. The two exchanged good-natured insults and interacted very well with the studio audience.

During one part of the segment, Kay takes the magazine he used to swot the fly and tells Alan Carr he is going to read his star sign. This leads to an incredibly funny moment, when Peter hugs Alan and the two roll onto the floor in a very intimate way.


Upon concluding the interview, the two head off to the top of the stairs, in the usual Chatty Man style. However, they don’t just leave casually, they share a lovers peck-on-the-cheek, one after the other and then disappear.