Many celebrities have made ventures into the business the world, and the latest to do so is Peter Kay, who has released his own brand of biscuits named ‘One Dips’.

The Lancashire born comedian explains that the idea stemmed from the realisation that “rich tea biscuits are bad for dipping” as they crumble as soon as they enter a cup of a tea. He is also jealous of Hobnobs, as they “are like marines”, being able to survive multiple dunks.

The new “One Dips” have been released in all good retailers today, with Kay hoping that people “won’t burn themselves when they try and retrieve the biscuit when it crumbles in a brew”.

The 43-year-old’s career so far includes a Guinness World Record for the most successful stand-up comedy tour of all time, three number one music singles and two BAFTAs, but this latest endeavour into the world of biscuits might just be his greatest achievement yet.

McVitie’s, who make popular products such as Digestives, Hobnobs and Jaffa Cakes, have told newspapers today that they are “incredibly worried” that the release of Kay’s product will see a decrease in sales of their own brands.