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Tommy Upson: Peter Kay makes hilarious cameo on The Catherine Tate Show

Peter Kay has made his fair share of cameo appearances in popular TV shows. Some of them we’ve seen, others we may have missed.

The Bolton comedian, who broke a Guinness World Record for his 2011 tour appeared in this ‘Nan’ sketch on The Catherine Tate Show, playing Tommy Upson.

The funnyman is known for two cameo appearances in Coronation Street, one before he was famous and one when he was a household name. He also appeared in the pilot of Mrs Brown’s Boys, which never aired in the UK.

In this sketch, Peter Kay plays Tommy Upson, a friend from Nan’s past who she bumped into at the Post Office. Watch the brilliant sketch and see if you can recognise him.

“I’ve just told you who it is, Tommy f*cking Upson”

As the sketch plays out and upon Nan explaining her Post Office encounter, Jamie hears the toilet flush. He quizzes his Nan on who it could be.

Nan sharply replies: “I’ve just told you who it is, Tommy f*cking Upson”.

Tommy enters the room and makes it obvious what he’s been doing in the toilet. He says: “Oi oi..I’m about a stone lighter now.. flushed itself.

“I tell you something, it’s a good job you got plenty of loo rolls in there. Thirty six I counted”.

peter kay tommy upson catherine tate

Nan and Tommy converse, with innuendos thrown in for good measure. Tommy then sits down and begins quizzing Jamie on why he’s home so early.

“Im at University”, Jamie discloses, before Upson responds: “Oh that’s right, you Nan said something about you being gay”.

Tommy continues on the topic of homosexuality by explaining that his brother, Billy had a gay dog. “Cost him a fortune in Vets bills”, he says. Jamie responds confused asking, “A gay dog?”.

“No, not gay. erm, diabetic. Some kind of disability” Tommy responds.

The scene continues to tow the line, but ultimately leaves the audience splitting their sides laughing.

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