Car Share Series 2

Peter Kay’s Car Share returned to screens on Tuesday night to much critical acclaim, with fans and professional reviewers raving about the sitcom.

However, not everybody proved so generous in their write-up of the car-based comedy. One 

In their review they said: “After a two year wait, Peter Kay’s Car Share is back again with all the gimmicks from the first season – but sadly for a show that usually gives us quite a few laughs, this first episode barely tickled us and left us wondering if it was even worth the wait.”

The first episode saw John and Kayleigh separated after the latter had moved in with her sister, meaning that for the first time they were not Car Sharing, but in fact making use of public transport.

Manchester Evening News

Several phone calls follow their journey to work, with each one consistently hindered by poor reception leading to a situational comedy scene of the classic “what happened there”, when reconnecting.

Come the end of the episode the two returned to the vehicle together, with John offering Kayleigh a lift home due to the pouring rain, and the two resuming their roles from the first series. However reviewers claimed that the scenario was too obvious and predictable.

The same reviewer added: “but it all feels so very obvious and predictable, and the cameo from a famous English musician and the very odd dream sequence set to S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True both come across as tedious rather than funny.

Considering that we waited a whole two years for this new series, the next few episodes have a lot of making up to do to be honest.”

Upon watching the show, we saw largely positive reviews from critics and fans alike, so much so that the show has attained a 9.1 rating on popular website IMDB.


Peter Kay’s Car Share is now available in full on BBC iPlayer, with the show set to continue to be broadcast on BBC One over the next three weeks – Tuesdays at 9pm.