Peter Kay Polly Haydock Appeal

Bolton funnyman, Peter Kay has raised £148,352 for charity after performing in Blackpool over two-nights in aid of Polly Haydock.

Peter Kay has raised just under £150,000 for a cancer patient to receive life-saving treatment. The northern comedian performed a Q&A, over two-nights, at the Blackpool Opera house in December 2016.

Polly Haydock suffers from colorectal cancer, a rare type of cancer. The treatment she requires is not available in the UK. Polly, a mother-of-three, received the terrible news in October 2015, and then in July 2016 learned she had just six months to live.

Peter Kay Polly Haydock Appeal | Image: BBC
Peter Kay | Image: BBC

Peter Kay organised the special Q&A gigs to raise money for the cause, with all profits going to Polly Haydock’s appeal. The total currently stands at more than £190,000, which is just under half the £410k total. The incredible figure has been raised in just two months.

A user posted on the appeal page with the total amount raised, which reads: “Absolutely overwhelming amount raised at The Blackpool Opera House by The Legend that is Peter Kay!

Peter Kay Polly Haydock Appeal | Image: BBC
Post from Polly Haydock appeal fundraising page

Following her life-threatening diagnosis, a family friend contacted Peter Kay by means of a letter through his front door.

Polly’s husband, Dan said: “She just posted a letter through his door to try and get him to come to a fund raising event at a local pub.

Peter Kay: “I have got a better idea”

“Peter rang her and said ‘I have got a better idea, I’ll put these two nights on'”.

Polly could not attend the two gigs due to being in Germany to begin treatment.

Dan continued: “Polly was still in Germany but most of the family and friends managed to go. It was really good. A really great night, very entertaining.

“Peter is a very warm person and he came across like that.

“It was a question and answer night. People were asking him questions and he was giving witty and informative answers.

“We got to meet him at the interval and he did a little video message for Polly which we sent off to her.

“He just said ‘I am really glad that I can do this for you. It is nothing for me to put two nights on but it makes a big difference to the cause for Polly’.

“He gave us a massive hug and said ‘I hope everything is going to be ok’.”

Fantastic news and if you would like to donate, please click the below link, which will take you to the official appeal page