Peter Kay stars in Comedy sketch show, produced in 1998, before he was famous. The sequences are from a short-run series called Comedy Nation, which broadcast on BBC 2.

The Bolton comic is one of Britain’s most-loved and is easily recognisable around the world. This 3-part sketch has emerged, which shows Kay acting as a teenager. He wants the latest Reebok trainers, on his mum shoe-string budget.

The sketch has been crafted into one sequence for you to enjoy and really shows the Farnworth-born stars charisma and likability. Watch the video below and bask in the nostalgia of 1990’s fashion!

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Peter Kay has been in the public eye since his Top of the Tower stand-up gig, which was filmed and sold on VHS and DVD. The comedian has since had a very fruitful career on TV, with Music and on the Stage.

Kay holds the record for the most-consecutive stand-up performances in one area, spanning twenty nights at London’s o2 arena.

In the above sketch, which welcomed Kay to the world of acting, the boy is asking for a new pair of trainers. Out shopping with his mum and seemingly without money of his own, he is told that at the price of the ones he wants, a family of four could be fed.

All teenage boys (and girls) can relate to this, as nobody wants to be ridiculed for their clothing, especially when growing up. The boy then responds with the reason he doesn’t want “market trainers”. He says:

“It’s about style, right. It’s about quality. It’s about fashion. It’s about not getting your head kicked in for looking like a tw*t”

The sketch then follows Kay, playing the part of Chesney, to the market, where mum tells him he can have a pair of ‘Adiduffs’, a nod in the direction of Adidas.

Chesney then walks off, whilst mum buys the knock-off’s and phoned Childline.

In  the final part, Chesney is sat on a wall with his friends around him. One friend comments on the trainers, saying: “You look like a complete tw*t”, confirming the lads worst nightmare, with the others continually berating him for the cheap alternatives.