Peter Kay on Strictly Come Dancing
Peter Kay on Strictly Come Dancing

Peter Kay has been slammed on Social Media for his apparent homophobic jibe on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing

Bolton comedian, Peter Kay has been accused of homophobia for a joke he made during an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Peter, who was dressed in a high-visibility jacket, was reading off the auto-cue when he spotted Judge Rinder star, Robert Rinder. Kay shuffled his way over to the reality tv star, where the alleged offence happened.

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think of the ‘incident’. Has the world gone mad or can he expect to be in trouble for his actions?

Peter Kay may find himself in trouble with the BBC after footage was shared on Social Media of his appearance on popular show, Strictly Come Dancing.

The Bolton comic appeared on the Blackpool edition of the BBC show to assist Claudia Winkleman in reading the terms and conditions of voting.

Upon seeing ITV daytime TV’s, Robert Rinder, who hosts Judge Rinder, Kay moved across to greet him. After a few seconds, Peter jolts his hips forward and shouts “Eh STEADY, EHHHH”, giving a cheeky glance over his shoulder to the ITV man, who bursts out laughing.

Kay continues: “Watch it, me lad, watch it, me lad,

“This case is firmly closed”, referencing Rinders show.

Peter regains his composure, whilst everybody else is laughing hysterically and continues to read the autocue.

Robert Rinder is openly gay and married to his long term partner, Seth Cummings.

The sketch left a sour taste in the mouths of some viewers, who took to social media to berate the Phoenix Nights creator.

IncrediblyRich wrote on Twitter, “Peter Kay there, wringing out dead catchphrases from 10 years ago and relying on casual homophobia for cheap laughs”

Other users defended the comic and brandished those complaining as “massive b*llends”.

Lewis Pringle wrote: “Are people really saying Peter Kay was homophobic? You are joking right? Judge Rinder was in hysterics!”

What do you think of this incident? Was it political correctness gone wrong or is Peter Kay overstepping the mark with this behaviour?

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