PETER KAY Shows Eamonn Holmes a Dog’s Lipstick LIVE on This Morning and it’s absolutely marvelous viewing.

Peter Kay, in 2009,  was a guest on This Morning, hosted by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. It wasn’t long until the Bolton funnyman had Ruth in stitches about his ‘dog’s lipstick’. A Dog’s Lipstick is used to reference a dog’s erection, with it looking similar to an unwound Lipstick.

Eamonn Holmes appeared to not understand what Ruth was finding so funny and looked rather moody, which Peter must have clocked, but kept quiet.


Fast forward a year and Peter is back on to This Morning. This time he comes loaded with an actual Lipstick to demonstrate what a Dog’s Lipstick is and how it works. Simply brilliant and absolutely classic Kay.

Eamonn Holmes seemingly laughs the second time around but knowing the TV presenters persona, he was probably playing up to the camera.

Peter Kay showing how a Dog's Lipstick works
Peter Kay showing how a Dog’s Lipstick works

Car Share

Car Share will return in 2017 for 4 episode’s so we do expect to see Mr. Kay back on This Morning and others for a chat. He really is a fantastic guest as his appearance on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man proves here!

Car Share is the latest in a long list of Peter Kay comedy. Car Share follows the journey of two supermarket employees – to and from work. The show centres around Manager John, who is portrayed by Kay and colleague Kayleigh, portrayed by Sian Gibson.

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Watch: Peter Kay dress Parkinson up as a Lollypop man

In the final ever Parkinson, everybody’s favourite Bolton comedian appears as a guest. During the show, Peter offers his advice on what Michael Parkinson should do in his ‘retirement’. One of them involves a bright yellow jacket and a large STOP sign.

Click the image below or link above and watch Parkinson receive the Peter Kay treatment.

Peter Kay dressing Michael Parkinson up as a Lollypop Man
Peter Kay dressing Michael Parkinson up as a Lollypop Man