Car Share finale

Bolton comedian has categorically apologised to fans for his revelation that there will be no more series of Car Share, after his interview with BBC Radio Manchester went viral.

Following the conversation on Tuesday, Kay called up the station once again on Wednesday to clarify that he wasn’t pulling a publicity stunt, but merely because the station had chosen to dedicate a 3-hour slot to playing the full Forever FM playlist in full and he wanted to thank them for it.

He said: “I think people thought it was some kind of publicity stunt. I never intended to talk about Car Share.

“You asked me about a series three I said I don’t think there would be another, which there isn’t going to be, or Christmas special.

“Sian put her phone on. ‘What have you said?’ she said ‘my phone’s gone mental.’

“I just mentioned we’re not doing another one. That’s truth. I didn’t mean to upset anybody. I didn’t think there would be petitions.”

It’s Gone Viral reported this week that a petition had been set up in the hope that Peter Kay would reverse his decision on finishing Car Share at series two, with Kayleigh and John going their separate ways, however in this latest phone interview, the TV star and stand-up comic has once again confirmed that there will be no more car share, whatsoever.

Kay, 43, went on to explain how he himself felt the same as many of his viewers, when Kayleigh left his red Fiat 500L and walked through the heavy traffic to board an empty taxi, leaving John alone listening to Forever FM play his heartfelt message to her.

He revealed: “I was very upset when I did it and every time I watch it back I get a bit teary as well.

“It was hard to film. It was quite sad when she got out. I’m sorry I upset people.

“There were a lot of funny things in [Tuesday’s final] episode. People are forgetting about us hanging out of the front room window. They’re just concentrating on the ending.”


The funnyman also explained something that many fans had been questioning online, about the cars he walked over during the daydream scene – which became notably damaged. He divulged:

“They were all cars that were not roadworthy anymore, but I really did it, I did climb across them.

“My wife was a bit scared of me falling off but I did go across them”.

Listen to the full audio clip below, courtesy of BBC Radio Manchester and Manchester Evening News.