Chloe Ayling, 20 from Coulsdon, London was allegedly kidnapped and lined up to be sold in the middle east for sex before she escaped.

Now pictures have emerged of the inside of the house she shared with the alleged kidnapper Lukasz Herba, 30.

Police in Italy and the UK have been investigating this bizarre case after Chloe walked into a consulate in Milan claiming to have been snatched.

Mr Herba though is adamant it was Chloe’s wish to be there, explaining to police in interviews seen by The Sun:

“In the days when I was there we shared the bed even though there were other beds.”

Italian cops asked Ms Ayling about semen stains on the sheets and she said that Mr Herba had performed a solo sex act while watching her get out of the shower. She said she’d never had any sexual contact with him

Ms Ayling claimed she was going to be sold for sex.

In more details revealed by The Sun it became apparent detectives have accused her of lying after they discovered she’d been shoe shopping with Lukasz even though she claimed he’d been shopping himself while she was locked up in the house.

One detective said: “We spoke to the woman who manages the shop where the shoes were bought that you are now wearing – and she said that the purchase happened on Sunday morning at 10.30am and was made by a man and a woman who she recognised as you and Lukasz Herba.

“The statements from the woman in the shop are incompatible with what you said.”

According to police files, Chloe broke down in floods of tears confessing: “It’s true! I went together with him to buy the shoes.”

Then the cop asked: “So why did you lie to us then?”

She answered: “I didn’t mention it because I understood very well that I might not be believed.”

Do you think she’s telling the truth and she was held captive in the property below?

Chloe slept beside her captor in this double bed.

The kitchen of the property
The bathroom of the property