A man has been arrested over the ‘Putney Pusher’ video and has been named as a wealthy American banker, however, he claims that he is completely innocent.

The man in question named Eric Bellquist showed a jogger pushing a woman into a bus on Putney Bridge and was arrested by cops, but released under investigation.

Eric Bellquist was arrested yesterday but police later released him under investigation as he protested his innocenceThe 41-year-old man is a wealthy American banker, however, lawyers claim that he was in the US at the time of the incident.

The London investment firm named Hutton Collins released this statement:
‘Our client has been wrongly implicated in this matter; he categorically denies being the individual concerned and has irrefutable proof that he was in the United States at the time of the incident.

Mr Bellquist says he can prove he was in America at the time of the attack‘Consequently, we expect a swift resolution to this wholly untrue allegation.’

Luckily, the 33-year-old woman involved with the incident survived after the bus swerved, narrowly missing her head.

Footage of the accident was revealed by Scotland Yard earlier in the week.

Many passers-by who were present at the scene have also made comments about what they had witnessed:

‘I was watching the video last night and I couldn’t believe how close she came to being under that bus.

‘Some of the joggers around here can be really rude, but you would never expect that.’ One said.

Another commented: ‘This driver is a hero it could have so easily ended differently.’