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GMB’s Piers Morgan sends Social Media into meltdown for ‘sexist views’ on women’s boxing

The journalist caused the problem as he interviewed Olympian Nicola Adams, admitting he didn’t like seeing women punch one another

TV host Piers Morgan is in hot water with viewers again after angering them with his comment regarding women’s boxing.

The outspoken presenter of Good Morning Britain has many fans on social media, boasting more than 5-and-a-half million followers on Twitter alone. However his often unpopular opinion has once again landed him with a social battering as viewers of the ITV breakfast show displayed their displeasure at what he had to say.

The video below shows the moment Steve
Backshall suggested Piers was sexist
for his feelings towards women's boxing

Interviewing Olympian Nicola Adams, 34, on Wednesday, the 51-year-old host asked if he was a ‘sexist’ for not liking women boxing – causing viewers and social media users to both condemn him and defend him in equal measure.

The topic first arose during a segment with Team GB’s Steve and Hannah Backshall, Piers admitted he didn’t “watching women punch each other”.

Taking the presenter to task over his comments, Steve took a liberal view that Piers was being “sexist” with his views, as he saw no difference between men and women boxing.

Following his initial comments – made ahead of an interview with Nicola and boxing promoter Frank Warren – Piers asked his millions of Twitter followers if he was sexist, eliciting a wave of conflicting opinions. He wrote:

Viewers responded, with some defending the Life Stories host, whereas others totally disagreed.

Going into the interview, Piers tried to explain his point of view to Nicola, who engaged him in a well-natured debate.

And while Frank Warren admitted he’d had his view on women’s boxing changed by Nicola, saying he’d moved with the times, Piers maintained his stance.

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