Piers Morgan left embarrassed after checking his phone LIVE on Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid had to give her GMB co-host a stern talking to

Piers Morgan was in hot water this morning, when co-host Susanna Reid caught him on his phone again, LIVE on air.

Reid was welcoming viewers back from the ad-break whilst Piers was scrolling through his phone, notably oblivious to the camera being back on.

Susanna stopped her link and gave Morgan a telling off.

“Are you just popping your phone away?” she quizzed.

Red-faced Piers scrambled to explain his lack of professionalism.

“You know, sometimes I think they’re going over there and I’m having a little chat with the viewers on Twitter and then I get caught and it all looks rather embarrassing,” he said.

Ever-patient Susanna suggested: “Shall we have a chat with the viewers on television instead?”

Susanna then continued the show, whilst Piers regained his composure and put his phone away.

Last week, at the NTA’s, Piers was booed as he appeared gagged on stage alongside his co-host.

The two presenters manned the stage to present an award, with Piers wearing a gag, which looked more like a sex toy than anything else.

Speaking about how she’d managed to get Piers to shut up for five minutes, Susanna told the audience: “It’s been a controversial week on Good Morning Britain. We’ve had tears, we’ve had tantrums – we’ve even had a walkout.

“So I’ve done what people have been urging me to do for some time… I’ve finally gagged Piers Morgan. Just enjoying this moment.”

Piers Morgan Gagged NTA's
Twitter / Wendy Bradley

The crowd clapped for Susanna and gave her a big cheer, having booed Morgan when he first walked on stage.

The booing came after Piers took his public spat with Ewan McGregor to the next level – by suggested the actor should have a fight with him on live TV.

The controversial host, 51, was filmed on the National Television Awards’ red carpet where he was heard telling the Trainspotting performer to “be a man” and debate him.