Piers Morgan GMB Sick
Piers Morgan GMB Sick

Piers Morgan called for a sick bucket after watching Madonna appear on James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke.

The controversial host, who is often criticised on social media for his views, made it clear that he disliked the American singer by asking for a sick bucket upon watching a clip from Carpool Karaoke. Madonna appears as a guest on this weeks edition, set to be broadcast later this week in the US.

Carpool Karaoke is a feature of The Late Late Show, which is fronted by James Corden. Upon viewing a clip of Madonna twerking on repeat, Morgan loses his cool and begins to ‘heave’ into a conveniently placed bucket, whilst his co-presenter requests the director cuts the clip saying “I think that’s probably too much for this time of the morning. Alright director, let’s stop playing those”

Below is the full feature clip, uploaded to the official The Late Late Show with James Cordon YouTube channel earlier today.

“Has anyone got a bucket”

Upon discusing and viewing a clip of Madonna twerking in the passenger seat of a car, Piers Morgan begins to simulate heaving into a bucket. The Good Morning Britain host makes his feelings clear on the singer, who famously fell off stage during a live performance in 2015.

During the slightly-unsuitable for early morning tv clip, Morgan can be heard saying: “Oh God, please I can’t. I’m never gonna get that moment back. Ok I can’t, I can’t do the show,”

Upon the video cutting, Piers, head in hand says: “Sorry I feel slightly nauseous, sorry. Has anyone got a bucket, hang on,” before reaching down and picking up a bucket and then simulating being sick.

Piers Morgan is often a very divisive man, but on this occasion we think his actions were bang on. Nobody wants to see a fifty-eight year old woman twerking at 6-o’clock on a Tuesday morning,