ITV breakfast show host Piers Morgan had a meltdown this morning when discussing last nights terror attack in London, which has left one dead and several injured after a white van ploughed through a crowd of Muslim worshippers.

The veteran newsman and former newspaper editor scolded producers about his faulty ear piece in an angry exchange which was heard live on air by viewers.

Alongside Susanna Reid, Piers was hosting Good Morning Britain when he suffered technical problems as they attempted to cross to a live report.

He told TV bosses he was struggling with a faulty ear piece and could not hear their instructions.

Piers editor claimed he had been struggling with issues ‘for a week’ and urged them to fix it.

Lambasting bosses he exclaimed: “I still can’t hear anyone in my bloody ear. I don’t know what’s going on with this.

“It’s been going on for a week now.

“Can someone talk to me? I’m not hearing anyone. There’s no one there.”

The TV star’s gripes came after a heated showdown with former education secretary Michael Gove on the show today.

His bad mood was clear as he moaned about the technical troubles. Watch the video below